The Pilot Quarters™ Custom* Solo Tee

Your first solo flight as a pilot is an experience you'll never forget. Choosing the right shirt is a unique challenge. You don't want to wear an uncomfortable shirt, but you also don't want to ruin your favorite shirt with a traditional aviation ritual.

The Pilot Solo Shirt Tail Tradition is a celebratory custom in aviation where a pilot's shirt tail is cut off by their flight instructor or fellow pilots as a symbol of the pilot's accomplishment and transition to solo flying. It is believed to have originated in the early days of aviation when aircraft controls were located on the rear cockpit and were operated by the pilot's shirt tail.

Today, the tradition serves as a rite of passage for pilots and a way to mark a significant milestone in their aviation career. Fortunately, Pilot Quarters™ has a solution that is fun and priced right for student pilots.

Introducing the Pilot Quarters™ Custom Solo Shirt, a comfortable t-shirt that can be customized with the airport of your choice located above the "data plate" on the shirt tail. Not only is this shirt comfortable and affordable, but it also saves you from ruining your favorite shirt during the traditional shirt tail cutting ceremony.

With just 4 weeks notice, we will customize and ship your solo shirt directly to you, so you can focus on your solo flight without worrying about what to wear. Trust Pilot Quarters™ to provide you with the perfect solution for your first solo flight as a pilot.

Not a t-shirt kind of aviator? No problem - we would be happy to put our Solo Data Plate on the shirt tail of any polo, Hawaiian, tank or other shirt that we make as a custom request. Contact us to discuss details.

*Request your airport on a custom solo shirt using the form below!

We recommend framing your shirttail with a photo of your big day. Sporty's Pilot Shop Custom Frame Service preserves your first solo memory for a lifetime!

Tee Shirt The Lake Havasu City VFR Blue First Solo Tee

The Lake Havasu City VFR Blue First Solo Tee

The age old problem of what to wear on your first solo flight as a pilot has a new solution: The Pilot Quarters™ Custom Lake Havasu City Blue VFR Solo Tee. Knowing that a solo flight is a nerve-wracking activity, you really don't want to wear an uncomfortable shirt. You also know that the shirt tail, once cut off, will be be a treasured memento for a lifetime. Our motto is "Take Flight Everywhere." We are offering our solo shirt at a very special price in order to make it accessible to every student pilot. We are as excited about your upcoming solo as you are!

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    Pilot Quarters™ Solo Tee shirts are custom made to order. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery within the USA. Most shirts will be delivered in under 3 weeks.
    Regular price$29.00
    Shipping free in USA

    We designed our shirts to feel great and show the world that you truly know and love aviation.

    Our ultra-lightweight, cool and comfortable shirts are no coincidence. We sourced them after tireless searching for the right balance between great quality and unnecessary expense.

    Our best friends are fellow aviators. We are all in this together.

    Our motto is what we do: Take Flight Everywhere!

    Unisex Solo Tee Shirt

    Small: Chest 35", Length 28"

    Medium: Chest 39", Length 29"

    Large: Chest 42", Length 30"

    XL: Chest 48", Length 31"

    2XL: Chest 50", Length 32"

    3XL: Chest 56", Length 33"

    4XL: Chest 60", Length 34"

    5XL: Chest 62", Length 35"


    We are a family of aviators. We have experienced solo flights and know how it feels. The airplane comes off the ground faster because it's lighter than it has ever been. Your senses are more alive than ever and the exhilaration of flying by yourself is indescribable.

    Pilot Quarters™ started with a spark of a conversation in the hangar after flying. What if we made amazing Hawaiian-style shirts by blending sectional charts with bold artwork? After much trial and error, we arrived here. Thanks for checking us out. We want to hear from you with your reactions and suggestions for the next best thing we can make. Welcome aboard!

    Our comfortable shirts are made from ultra-lightweight stretch fabric that is breathable to help you stay cool no matter where you travel.

    The fabric is 95% polyester weave with 5% Spandex. When you feel it on your skin, it's incredibly soft. You wouldn't guess that it's polyester.

    The colors are vibrant and they stay that way, even after many washings.

    Perfectly simple. Wash at any temperature. Colorfast fabric doesn't fade or run. It looks great time after time.

    Travel Care: Wash in any tub, sink, bucket or bowl that's handy with a couple drops of detergent, dish soap, shampoo or bar soap. Rinse well and hang up for a few minutes. Done. Looks fantastic every time.

    At Home: Machine Wash & Tumble Dry. No ironing needed. Shirts come out of the dryer ready to wear. 

    Pilot Quarters is based in Michigan, where we do all of our design work. We are a family of aviators bringing unique designs to you using the most efficient means available. Some of our products are made in Vietnam and more of our products are being made in the USA all the time.

    Most of our products ship directly from our sewing and manufacturing partners. Many of our items such as button-up shirts ship from our sewing partner in Vietnam. Orders arrive to USA customers in 10-15 business days, sometimes sooner. They ship by air using DHL and/or USPS.

    Orders are frequently packaged and shipped individually to expedite arrival. Please be patient; our unique products are worth the wait.

    Once we get a little bigger, we imagine that we'll manufacture all of our shirts in the USA.

    The Pilot Quarters™ brand still feels a little like flying a light sport while trying to get cleared into the Class Bravo.

    There are lots of beautiful, fast and sleek alternatives out there and we're trying to keep up.

    Thank you for giving us a chance to make your next favorite shirt.

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    💭 Don't see your chart featured? We are adding new designs all the time. Email us at with an airport identifier, city, state or sectional chart and the name of the current Pilot Quarters shirt pattern you would like to see with your location. We can usually have new designs done within a day. We also create custom shirts and patterns for clubs, businesses and other groups with logos and design elements woven into the fabric. All of our fabric designs can be adapted for polo shirts, Hawaiian shirts, pilot shirts (with button down shoulder epaulets), long- and short-sleeve wind shirts (stretch fabric rash guards), youth Hawaiian shirts, sun dresses, t-shirts, and more. We love to create conversational aviation gear and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Use this form to request a new custom Solo Tee Shirt design. Put your airport in the message section. Questions? Interested in a bulk order or custom logo solo shirt order for your flight school? Let us know!

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