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Our comfortable shirts with unique aviation patterns are perfect for flying, golf, business, and weekend adventure. Don't see your airport featured? Call or email us today and we'll get started.

Pilot Quarters was born in our club hangar.

Every design begins with a conversation about what would make a great pilot shirt.
Teen pilot standing on wing of parked single engine plane at sunset.

Discover custom shirts without embroidery.
Your logo becomes part of the fabric pattern.

Your logo, N-Number or other artwork permanently and precisely placed into the fabric for business and everyday wear. Comfortable wash-and-wear classics include polo shirts, Hawaiian-style shirts and sundresses.

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We just love to fly.

"Pilot Quarters has dozens of sectional chart shirt designs. They create custom and logo shirts for flight schools, businesses and clubs around the USA. The sky is the limit!"

-Aviation Digest, Nov. 2022