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The Vero Beach VFR Coconut Button Camp Shirt

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Vero Beach aviators love life on Florida's Treasure Coast. Flying the beach north and south is always beautiful. Pilots descend on KVRB at all times of the year for world class flight training and they always yearn to return and enjoy the sun and beaches. 


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Customer Reviews

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Kathy Vaughn
It was a hit!

My son wore it the next day to the air show. I'm so glad to find a gift he appreciated.

William Wilson

Nice job adapting the sectional chart for my part of Florida on a shirt. Boy, the jealous looks I get at pilot gatherings.

Love it! We were jumping out of our Musketeer (AKA BE24 Heavy) at KSUA last year and a corporate pilot just parked next to us in a Citation...climbing out of his jet he looked over and said 'I like your uniform better than mine!' We were wearing our bold Pilot Quarters chart shirts at the moment. It definitely put smiles on our faces!

Edwin Safer

nice shirt, good quality

Joe Zee
Initial Contact

We actually spoke to the co-owner of the company. He was attending a product show. He answered our questions about the various shirts and WE Placed Our Order.
It was Great to speak with an Actual owner of an American company and not the "answering service". We will provide a comment after receipt of the special shirt. As of now they get 100% We are Pilots !

Size: S